Opening statement

Flooring is such an important part of our lives. In the developed world people spend 90% 0f their lives indoors. It is thus important that you have healthy flooring. Flooring that is not going to aggravate your asthma or start an allergic reaction. All the flooring types discussed on this site are anti allergenic. Many are also anti fungal and anti-microbial. The health aspects of different flooring is going to be one of the main thrusts of this site.

Another key theme is going to be how environmentally friendly a flooring type is. What damage does its production cause to the environment? What is the true carbon footprint of a flooring type when production and transport are factored in? How long does the flooring last? Can it stand up to high traffic situations?

Other considerations when examining flooring types will be installation, maintenance and cost. These are three vital factors for the consumer.

So feel free to contribute to the site (drop me a comment with your email address in one of the comment boxes) and feel to browse the site to find out more about the amazing world of environmentally friendly flooring.

reclaimed ash flooring

reclaimed ash flooring

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