Tips on Cleaning Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a natural resistance to water however you should never flood cork flooring. Never allow water to stand on cork flooring for any length of time. Always mop up spills immediately.

To wet clean cork flooring you can use a number of products. Soapy water is recommended, as is regular washing up liquid. It is possible to use detergents but not detergents containing ammonia. Some people still use the traditional formula of vinegar and water (four parts water to one part vinegar). Which ever cleaning product you use remember to dip a clean cloth or mop in the cleaning mix and then wring it out well before wiping the cork flooring.

If you have a wax and oil finish on your cork flooring you can use a liquid wax in conjunction with a cleaning product. Cork flooring with a polyurethane finish can be wet cleaned as described above.

To remove stubborn stains from a waxed floor it is possible to use a buffing machine with fine steel wool pads and then lamb wool pads. Refinish using wax. For cork flooring only solvent based wax is suitable.

It is equally important to dry clean cork flooring regularly. Use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. By cleaning the dust off cork flooring you keep it allergen free. Also you collect up particles of grit and dirt that can damage cork flooring when somebody walks over the hard particle pushing it into the cork.

To prevent particles getting onto your cork flooring it is a good idea to place catch mats by external doors. Shake these mats out often to stop particles entering the house. Also it is a good idea place a shoe box by the door to encourage people to take off their shoes before walking on the cork flooring. Cork flooring is warm and springy and ideal for people in socks, stockings or slippers.

If you follow these rules you should have no problem keeping your cork flooring clean and beautiful looking for a long time.

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