The Advantages of Reclaimed Maple Flooring

The sugar maple, otherwise known as ‘rock maple’ and ‘hard maple’, is the most popular maple species in North America to use for timber. In Europe Sycamore maple is popular. Also Brazilian maple is frequently used for timber.

Maple flooring used to be very popular in public buildings. It is strong and long lasting. It also provides excellent traction and so was commonly used to make gym floors and bowling lanes.

Because of this, there is a lot of reclaimed and antique maple on the market. Because maple was rarely used for beams and other construction parts much of the recycled maple on the market is antique maple flooring.

Antique maple flooring has the advantage that if it is salvaged properly it often has fewer scratches, dents and marks than other kinds of reclaimed hardwood flooring. This makes antique maple less ‘rustic’ than a lot of other kinds of reclaimed flooring. For decors where ‘rustic’ seems inappropriate, a good sustainable flooring choice is antique maple.

Maple flooring has a distinctively subtle grain and a beautiful blond or pale red appearance that looks stunning. And because reclaimed or antique maple is hard and durable it will stand up to heavy traffic for many, many years.

And of course, like all reclaimed hardwood, maple flooring is normally VOC free, dimensionally stable and allergen free.

Reclaimed maple flooring is not recommended in places where termites are a problem because the high sugar content of maple attracts the insects.

Antique maple flooring is not cheap. It is therefore a good idea to get a few quotes from different flooring suppliers. The best place to start is a directory of reclaimed hardwood flooring suppliers.

antique maple flooring

antique maple flooring

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