Is Aluminum Oxide Finish Safe?

The recognized industry leader for hard finishes for strand woven bamboo flooring and reclaimed hardwood flooring is made by the German manufacturer
Friedrich Klumpp Gmbh. Their finish is made from aluminum oxide. Normally 7 or more coats of aluminum oxide flooring finish are applied for a strong and durable finish that protects the bamboo or wood.

There has been however a growing body of concern regarding the health risks of prolonged exposure to aluminum. Aluminum is in our food and drinking water and is common in the Earth’s crust. It is not something we can escape.

In the 1960s scientists published a paper linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease. Since then scientists have been unable to re-create the same laboratory results and so the original findings are very much cast in doubt.

It is for you to decide. The alternative is water based finish that puts a strong lacquer over the surface of the flooring. For those interested in green interior design and follow the philosophy of you can never be too careful Bona Naturale Industrial mat lacquer would be a good alternative to aluminum oxide.

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