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Antique Flooring – is it over-priced?

If you use carpets it can be a long time between the times when you check the condition of the hardwood floor boards underneath. In this time great damage can be done by such things as moisture and mold. It … Continue reading

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Under floor heating and sustainable flooring

Under floor heating (UFH) is a very old idea that goes back to the Romans. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to under floor heating. This post will look at these pros and cons and discuss whether sustainable … Continue reading

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Reclaimed Structural Hardwood for flooring

Major Source of Reclaimed Hardwood One of the major sources for hardwood to make reclaimed hardwood flooring is from buildings that are torn down or have major re-fitting. Either job produces a lot of unwanted hardwood. This wood can be … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Cork

The cork oak (quercus suber) is grown nearly exclusively in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and France. It is the combination of the soil, the heat and the lack of humidity that makes the cork … Continue reading

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Bamboo Flooring in Japan

Japan is a country where bamboo can be found growing everywhere. Bamboo is widely used for a number of uses in the Land of the Rising Sun, but strangely enough it is rarely or used for flooring. Bamboo plays an … Continue reading

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Is Cork Flooring Right for You?

Cork has been used by man for centuries. The ancient Phoenicians used cork for fishing floats. The Portuguese protect their cork oak forests by Royal Decree. Until recently, any decent bottle of wine had a cork stopper. Cork makes a … Continue reading

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How is Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Green?

When people discuss environmentally friendly or sustainable flooring they normally have in mind a flooring that is made from a renewable resource. A renewable resource is a natural material that grows quickly enough to keep up with our consumer demands. … Continue reading

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