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The Ecology of Cork

The cork oak (quercus suber) is grown nearly exclusively in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and France. It is the combination of the soil, the heat and the lack of humidity that makes the cork … Continue reading

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Is Cork Flooring Right for You?

Cork has been used by man for centuries. The ancient Phoenicians used cork for fishing floats. The Portuguese protect their cork oak forests by Royal Decree. Until recently, any decent bottle of wine had a cork stopper. Cork makes a … Continue reading

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Suberin in Cork

Suberin is a waxy substance found in the bark of the cork oak tree and that is named after the Latin for the cork oak – Quercus suber. The distinctive property of suberin is that it is hydrophobic, or in … Continue reading

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Cork Flooring Compared to Coconut Flooring

Coconut flooring and cork flooring are two examples of sustainable flooring because they are both made from renewable resources. Although they share similar environmental and health credentials they differ greatly. Coconut palms are not trees. They are ‘woody plants’. Coconut … Continue reading

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Cork Flooring is Corking Good

This blog is all about sustainable flooring. Sustainable flooring is quite simply flooring made from a sustainable resource. Thus flooring made from newly felled hardwood trees does not qualify as sustainable flooring, but reclaimed hardwood flooring and antique flooring because … Continue reading

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Tips on Cleaning Cork Flooring

A guide to cleaning cork flooring. Both wet and dry cleaning are covered; as well as an explanation of the importance of keeping the flooring clear of particles. Continue reading

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