Reclaimed Hardwood

For centuries man has been cutting down hardwood trees for construction purposes, furniture, flooring and houseware with little thought for the damage it is causing the environment. One of the key resources we have in the fight to slow down climate change is trees. We cannot afford to keep on chopping down the forests at the present rate.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is flooring that is made from hardwood that has been abandoned, disused and forgotten. It comes from many sources: from old mine shafts, from demolished houses, from gutted and refurbished hospitals and schools, from land fills sites, from old barns and from the bottom of lakes and rivers. The hardwood can be recycled and re-milled into flooring planks.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is a great example of the benefits of recycling. You can have hardwood flooring without having to feel guilty about it.


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